maintenance frontMaintenance and upgrading of build facilities, Garden Services – Landscaping and proper management of the space, Tiling, Painting, building projects, extension, office renovations etc.Supplier -  Bolts and Nuts, PPE Clothing, Pelleting solutions, Tools, Jigs and Fixtures


manufacturingPersonal Protective Equipment – providing personal protective equipment such ad welders gloves, hand-tool gloves, safety ear plugs, dusk masks Rolling Stock components– currently all new components to such rolling stock in SA is imported, such as draw- gears, Bearings, axles, wheels centres, slack adjusters, etc, in south Africa these components are only maintained not manufactured.

Business Excellence

professional-services 1Cross Point business excellence provides for a complete integration of the improvement activities through usage of continuous improvement tools which ultimately leads organisations to sustainable business growth.

Project Management

Project manWe partner with clients to ensure successful implementation of their projects. Ensuring that all projects are aligned to the strategic goals of the organisation.We assist clients to identify projects that will be of strategic importance, yield maximum benefits thus improving organisational performance.